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An explanation, or expository, essay is a paper in which your objective as a writer is to explain something to your reader. A key to writing successfully is maintaining awareness of the audience, which will influence your tone and word choice. Expository writing is done for a . Oct 02,  · Expository Essay Topic Ideas, Writing Tips, and Sample Essays. Updated on May 15, Virginia Kearney. Any essay that describes something is an explanation or description essay. If you are going to suggest that the youth in Nigeria do more in political situations, that would be a problem solution essay. For example, you could Reviews: A rhetorical essay is something you don’t see very often. Unlike research paper and a cognitive essay, a typical example of a rhetorical analysis essay focuses on analyzing how a text is written rather than the meaning behind it. This confuses many young students who are taught to pay special attention to every element in a given text.

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Introduction A lot of events in life can be explained logically by natural explanations or illogically by supernatural explanations. During early and middle childhood, children can generate both types of explanations. Magical forces or powers and sometimes divine interventions are used to explain things not as easily understood. The focus of this study is to investigate. Explanation, Understanding, and Subjectivity ABSTRACT: Many theorists of explanation from Hempel onward have worked with the explicit or implicit assumption that considerations of the subjective sense of understanding should be kept out of the formulation of a proper theory of explanation.

They claim that genuine understanding of an event comes only from being in an appropriate cognitive relation to the true explanation of that event, example of explanation essay. I argue that considerations of the subjective sense of understanding. Changing Methods of Explanation In the scientific community, there are numerous models used to explain data, which despite being argued over, can be used to spread knowledge.

This explanation theorises that we attempt to assign motives to behaviour in order to make logical sense of the world around us, which helps us understand and gain control of our environment. We also attempt to identify the. Another particularly interesting point is in line thirteen where it says, "Oh, I kept the first for another day!

This seems to be a no-brainer observation, but also one that many struggle with. The choices that are made in day-to-day lives are ones that will stick with that person forever. Lastly, amphibolous terms are words that are either univocal or equivocal. Maimonides states that while the men who have studied scripture and God are perplexed as they try to understand the above-mentioned terms, it is their decision to either allow. Do there appear to have been social bias for it? There definitely was a social bias towards the opinions on the growth of the religious groups.

The passage by. I feel like that sentence really have a perfect explanation example of explanation essay what summarizing really is. Also, some people might believe that the length of the summary also matters as well. Bazerman explains how the size of the summary really does not matter as long as we have a good understanding of what the author was.

This will be followed by a discussion. The explanation in Garrett's article about psychoanalysis is true; though, it would have been helpful if the author mentioned other psychological concepts such as, trauma, the Id, ego, and superego. The student and instructors worked on these questions for the remainder of the time I was present. I believe that TIB did a number of things right in the first few interactions.

I also bring into aspect of the circumstance relative to the time period, and the nature of people 's beliefs, in religion. The background of the dialogue the important to the explanation of ignorance of both. Euthyphro is at the courts because he is prosecuting his father on a murder, he committed.

Now when an object is falling, it falls straight down, until it hits another. You would assume that she is angry or upset with you, but that is only your observation of the situation.

She could have example of explanation essay been in a rush and accidentally slammed the door or was upset but not meaning it towards you.

Asking example of explanation essay for an explanation of the situation and communicating appropriately could deter any argument. Furthermore, example of explanation essay, you should describe to her what you saw and how it could be taken and then ask for clarification. By improving your communication skills, it would end up helping. Specifically, one time she sat me down and explained why she did what she did in regards to having me read and be quizzed on additional material given by her in conjunction to my normal schooling.

Her impactful explanation has shaped my literacy experience ever since and has it been the most transcendent gift I have ever received. My Mother told me that having the ability to process information effectively and being able to apply it practically to your life whether. It was example of explanation essay be said that if the R box was to produce a specific amount of one and.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Strong Program Introduction The strong program is a particular kind of sociology science that was developed by Barry Barnes and David Bloor to describe scientific theories where similar explanations are used to describe opposite ideas Mazzotti, The concept originated from Edinburgh school in the mids, where it was used as a reaction against earlier theories, example of explanation essay, which were considered weak Brown, In most cases, failed theories are usually explained.

See the detailed example in the next section of this handout. Each step of the process will include an explanation of the step and a bit of "model" text to illustrate how the step works. Our finished model paragraph will be about slave spirituals, the original songs that African Americans created during slavery. The model paragraph uses illustration giving.

Owen argued that the small animals moved on haystacks and wall constantly, thereby leaving a trail of tracks. However, this explanation is hard to believe and is not supported by evidence. As a matter of fact, small animals like rats, raccoons and swans would not like foot-like prints on the surface of the snow. Rather, it would be expected that the tracks will be continuous and. Can you see any potential drawbacks of inward investment by Cemex in an economy?

However, in the age of modern science, most everything in the universe can now be explained. Many counter this argument by saying the actual, scientific explanations are often cold and uninteresting in comparison. This situation might occur when people are feeling bad about themselves and lie that a miracle has happened but in fact there is a real explanation for the event that took place in the first place. This explanation leads us to the second point.

Nowadays top scientists from all around the world can give valid explanations on how miracles are caused, and in the future all miracles will be explained by science. Scientists have knowledge and understanding of why, example of explanation essay. This is argued through the critiquing the two differing viewpoints: through examining their potential flaws and by citing real world data from studies of other scholars, including Clark Additionally, Hamnett also draws from theorists such as Mullins to further his critique of the two theories, and to construct his proposed multi-dimensional explanation of gentrification.

Limitations to. The explanation provided in the introduction accurately reflects the remaining body paragraphs in the paper, example of explanation essay.

For example, night shift and day shift employees tend to socialize outside of work with similarly scheduled employees. The values and mission are identified throughout the environment. Recognition from outside agencies. A theory is an explanation or reason for that fact. In Example of explanation essay argued that people do engagement but need to remain active in order to prevent disengagement to cause major problems.

Example of explanation essay said that it is important to have an interest in some activities because being disengaged can have an effect on an individual and lead them to isolation and depression. A theory of ageing is a explanation or reason for the natural cause of ageing. It explains the changes, example of explanation essay. NB: Activity 4 will therefore not be complete until the end of the programme.

While reading the book she showed images that represented what was happening in the story; each line had a different image that helped with the explanation and understanding of the Catalan words. Following, she asked the students what animals were in the book, while she. By example of explanation essay that quote, the general public is able to clearly understand that headphones can make music like our thoughts, and 2 specific reasons why.

There is no further explanation or additional examples, because it is simply not necessary. Secondly, he makes his sentences precise. His precision is, example of explanation essay. Example of explanation essay same explanation applies to working in teams as a medical assistant. That would. Theories are an observed phenomenon that occur a multitude of times.

When these events are observed, humans need an explanation for these events. When one finds this explanation, it is called a theory. Theories apply to many different aspects of life.

Small group theories create explanations for what happens when a group of people get together for one purpose; or a goal, example of explanation essay. What happens when different types people with different personalities come together. The suggested evidence listed below is how students can demonstrate that they have met the required standard.

Task Number 1 Assessment criteria 1. They should assess the usefulness of the financial statements to different groups of stakeholders considering. Finally, the last part of the essay is known as the conclusion. Often, the conclusion is similar to the introduction of the essay. Within the conclusion, one should tie together both the problem and the solution for the reader. If necessary, the.

Two Theories that Relate to the Breakdown of Relationships The social exchange theory and the equity theory can give plausible explanations for the breakdown of relationships.

The social exchange theory suggests that our relationships are based on minimising costs and maximising rewards therefore it can be said that relationships breakdown because of the need to maximise costs and gaining minimum rewards, example of explanation essay. However it is not as simple as that. Levinger felt. I agree with Ranciere, when this happens continuously the student becomes dependent on the outside source to give explanation to them, laziness is what will lead students to stultification.

Jacotot considered the way we gain knowledge of language as infants. We speak to them and we speak, example of explanation essay. My overall strength includes the ability to pick out good examples from articles and the ability to construct good development of my body paragraphs after my revisions. On the other hand, my overall weakness includes having some unclear explanation of thoughts, unclear topic sentences, confusing thesis statements, having undefined terms, difficulties transitioning from one idea to another.


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example of explanation essay


(An explanatory essay is also sometimes called an expository essay.) Like an expository essay, the explanatory essay can take a number of forms. Some example forms include the example, compare/contrast, definition, how-to, and cause/effect essay formats. The goal of the explanatory essay is to inform readers of a topic or situation. What Is a Concept Essay? A concept essay is a type of a literary essay piece that is used to present an idea or a topic with the sole purpose of providing a clear definition and explanation. Their usual content are those topics that may have previously been presented but were not given with full emphasis. Hopefully, the examples also provide inspiration for your own paper. 2 Explanatory Essay Examples That Make the Grade Explanatory essay example #1: How to Conduct a Good Job Interview The first essay is a how-to essay that explains how someone conducted a job interview.